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20/365 – Smoke

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16/365 – Water drop

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I’ve been finding all kinds of neat things on a forum that I’m on and have been starting to try them out. First was the bubbles, and now, water drops.


14/365 – Abandoning Themes

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The 365 Project will continue, however, I think keeping up with the themes is burning me out. I have seen a lot of things that I’d like to try, and the day of the week is bumming me out. So no more themes. Tonight, I played with light.


12/365 – Texture Tuesday

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I’ve been organizing my craft supplies and came across quite a few things with interesting texture. After taking the picture today, I added an irregular¬†vignette¬†around the edges and then applied the texture to a photo of a rose I took over the summer.

12/365a - Texture Tuesday

12/365b - Texture Tuesday

11/365 – Macro Monday

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This photo was inspired by a post on DPS and this set on Flickr. It took a lot of trial and error and a long time, but here is a bubble.

11/365 - Macro Monday