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Marcum Wedding

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MW - 077

MW - 016

MW - 030

MW - 039

MW - 045
MW - 055

Bekah and Dave – Full Session

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I’ve posted the full session of Bekah and Dave on my Flickr, Facebook and Myspace. Here are a few more of my faves from Sunday.

MIC001 - 084

MIC001 - 097b

MIC001 - 120

MIC001 - 154b

Bekah and Dave – Sneak Peek

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Bakah and Dave have been married for a year and a half, but didn’t have a photographer at their wedding, so Bekah emailed me wanting to do bridal shots as well as some other fun things. She had a ton of ideas, most of which went out the window and we just went with the flow. Here’s their sneak peek.

MIA001 - 041

MIA001 - 109

MIA001 - 132

MIA001 - 034

Cold E-Session


Wow, January 3rd, outside, in the cold. But I had a blast with Courtney and Cecil celebrating their engagement. We spent 2 hours driving around town taking pictures, and probably would have kept going if we hadn’t lost daylight. I was a little disappointed that my favorite park was closed for the winter, but we made due with what we could find. The full session can be seen on Flickr, Facebook and Myspace, but here are some of my faves, from inside and out!










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Who would have thought that taking a few pictures for a friend would have turned into this. Here I am, trying to start a business. I hope you all like what you see here.

I had a great time taking these pictures, so I guess I’ll post what you guys came to see. Here are my faves from the time spent with Tiff and Aaron. And here are the links to the full session, on Flickr, Facebook and Myspace.

GOO001 - 002

GOO001 - 012

GOO001 - 014BW