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First scrapbooking pages

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Yep, I’m totally addicted to digi scrapping and I’ve got a couple pages that I’m proud of to show off. Of course they are of Austin. Well, the first on is sorta of Austin. It is a progression of my pregnancy with belly pictures and ultrasound images. I think it turned out pretty well. I used a free kit that I found online called ent’attendant by Petit Moienaux.


This second one I did was for a challenge on a forum. The rules were to use only pictures from cell phones. I thought about this one for a short time before deciding what to do, and it was pretty easy. I used the Sweet Serenity Kit by Shabby Princess for this one.

Cell Phone Pics

The journaling isn’t readable but it says “Daddy wouldn’t leave my side while I was in labor to go get the camera from the car. The only pictures we have from the delivery room are from his phone. I was angry at him not capturing those first moments. Now, 7 months later, I’m glad that he wanted to support me during a painful time. I also love using my camera phone to catch those unexpected fun moments.”

Anyways, those are some of my first pages and I’m really happy with them.


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I made Ashley’s Father’s Day card from Austin. I quilled a little penguin, and used stamps for the lettering. Then I “signed” it with Austin’s foot print. Now Austin’s foot is still kinda grey because all the ink didn’t wash off. It’ll wear off eventually. I might post a pic of it soon, we’ll see. Here it is!


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I can’t pick one craft and stick with it. I want to try quilling, and I have a book and some strips of paper for that. I love klutz books even though they are aimed toward kids. I’m still making bows like a mad fool. And last night, I made paper. I dug out the blender, that I don’t think I’ve ever used, and made the pulp. Added a bit of a dark pinkish purple paper, and out came a pretty lighter pink paper. I used a plastic embroidery hoop for a frame and stretched an old knee high that had a run in it across it for a screen. So now I have these weird oval sheets of pink paper. I’m sure I’ll find something to do with them. Here’s some of the paper.

I’m also getting on a digital scrapbooking kick. OMG I have downloaded gigs of free papers, embellishments, and alphabets. I’m not that creative yet, but I’m working on it. Hopefully my monthly Austin collages will be more interesting now. Here’s my first stab at it, something I threw together quickly. It’s his May 2008 collage, though I should probably add the date in there somewhere. At least it’s in the file name so I can remember when all the pics were taken.


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I’ve been making those bows like crazy. I love them cause they are so easy, and super cheap to make. Unfortunately, I’m not giving many gifts right now. Here are 65 of them.

Never going to buy gift bows again!!!!

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Ok, so I stole this from a post on craftster and I love it! Taking old magazines (which I have TONS of) and making gift bows out of them. Here’s the first one I made and I think it’s super cute! Just thought I’d share.