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My Girl

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Baby C – Sneak Peek

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Baby C’s mom and I go way back, like kindergarten way back. We’ve been buds forever and now she’s got a little one that I got to take pictures of. We had a good time, talked a lot, and Baby C was content as long as she had the pacifier. We got it away from her a bunch of times, and she slept for a little while too. Here’s the Sneak Peek of my favorite 3 shots!

The Blair – 6 and 9 Days Old

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Blair broke me in for newborns. The only one I had done before was Allie, and since I had her 24/7, it was pretty easy to catch her when she was in a good mood for photographing. Blair decided in our first session, that he was going to be awake, and be held by his mommy, then entire time (3 hours). I got a couple shots, and gave up. We decided to try again a few days later, and had much better results. Blair has a story, and I’m trying to help his parents illustrate it. Here are my faves, and as always, full session is on facebook and flickr.




Just Because

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My lil’ bookworm

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First Words