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The Blair – 6 and 9 Days Old

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Blair broke me in for newborns. The only one I had done before was Allie, and since I had her 24/7, it was pretty easy to catch her when she was in a good mood for photographing. Blair decided in our first session, that he was going to be awake, and be held by his mommy, then entire time (3 hours). I got a couple shots, and gave up. We decided to try again a few days later, and had much better results. Blair has a story, and I’m trying to help his parents illustrate it. Here are my faves, and as always, full session is on facebook and flickr.




Bekah and Dave – Full Session

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I’ve posted the full session of Bekah and Dave on my Flickr, Facebook and Myspace. Here are a few more of my faves from Sunday.

MIC001 - 084

MIC001 - 097b

MIC001 - 120

MIC001 - 154b

Tama – Full Session

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I finally finished working on Tama’s session. I LOVE so many of these pics I’m going to post a few more, but the full session can be seen on my Flickr, Facebook and Myspace.

CON001 - 012

CON001 - 048

CON001 - 059b

CON001 - 070

Ceth and Rikki's Sessions

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I just posted the full sessions of my Senior Reps, Rikki and Ceth. You can see Rikki’s on my Flickr, Facebook and Myspace and Ceth’s on the same Flickr, Facebook and Myspace. If you like what you see, leave some love! Here are a few more from each of their sessions.

GUN001 - 027

NEL001 - 019

GUN001 - 055b

NEL001 - 073

My first Senior!!!

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Yay, I finally got a Senior to sit still for me to take pics. He was exhausted though, as he’d been out since 6 am at Prom and After Prom the night before. We ran all around Louisa taking pictures, and hopefully I can get back up there on a pretty day so we can get some out by the lake. The full session can be seen on my Flickr, Facebook and Myspace.  Here are a few of my favorite shots!