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Closed Bridge

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Tuesdays with Mary – Now on Wednesdays

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I’ve not blogged in a long time. Bad Valarie! So here I am. My husband’s work schedule has changed a couple times, so now my work days are Wednesdays. We’ve gone several places over the past couple months and occasionally run out of things to photograph, then get new ideas again. Some of my favorites from the past couple weeks.



Tuesdays with Mary

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So, I’ve given up on my 365 project, but I do have new opportunity for photos. I work once a week doing office work, and my boss, Mary, loves photography too! So on lunch we get in the car and go, looking for something to take photos of. Thus far, we’ve been run off by security once, saw a family friend catch a big ol’ fish, and had an offer to photograph a “stud”. Anyways, it’s fun to have someone that shares the hobby and we can look at the same thing in very different ways. Sometimes she’ll be capturing images of a large landscape, and I come back with a few macro shots. :) I now have a flickr set and facebook album devoted to these adventures and plan on posting them here occasionally. Enjoy!