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Amber – FHS Senior

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I met Amber this afternoon down by the train station. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful, but chilly, day. As we started walking into the shade, it felt like the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Amber was brave though. We did lots of shots outside, with her wearing short sleeves. She’d put on her coat between shots and wear a hoodie in some of them, but I know she was still cold. We had a pretty good time walking around the new riverfront area, and then we headed to her church’s gym to set up the mini studio. She loved my new backdrop, and so did I! Ok, enough rambling, on to the sneak peek!




The C Family – Sneak Peek

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Fun times at Ritter Park. I did baby Blair’s newborn pics about 4 months ago and now it was time for an updated family pic, since there had been none since any children have joined the family :) Jules was all about running and playing at the park. Not so much for posing (except in 5 second spurts) The leaves did catch his attention more than anything else I think. And of course, swinging from mommy and daddy. So, on to the pics.

FHS Prom – Sneak Peek

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Fairview’s prom was yesterday and I met up with 4 couples down by the bridges. Just a few shots of each one, and on their way they went. Here are my faves from the time spent with these fabulous kids! Check out the rest of them on facebook or flickr.




Prom Time!

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Anna is such a beautiful girl and her dress was gorgeous. And she worked it! Jacob was such a sweet guy and I love his hair. Put the two together and we had some fun before they took off to eat and then head to prom. Poor Anna’s feet were probably hurting before she got to dance, because we walked all over the place taking these pictures. At one point Jacob even carried her (she’s SUPER tiny) over some railroad tracks. Anyways, I got a bunch of pics I love and here are my faves. The rest can be seen on facebook or flickr.




Bekah and Dave – Sneak Peek

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Bakah and Dave have been married for a year and a half, but didn’t have a photographer at their wedding, so Bekah emailed me wanting to do bridal shots as well as some other fun things. She had a ton of ideas, most of which went out the window and we just went with the flow. Here’s their sneak peek.

MIA001 - 041

MIA001 - 109

MIA001 - 132

MIA001 - 034