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Tama – FHS Senior – Sneak Peek

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I met Tama at Central Park today to start her session. We had a quick chat, then got right to shooting. While going for the non-posed shots, Tama would be talking to her mom, and then just look at me and say “Did you just take my picture?” I got some of the best shots of the day when she wasn’t paying attention to me :) Here is a sneak peek of my faves!

CON001 - 066

CON001 - 036

CON001 - 071

Ceth – FHS Senior Rep

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Today was Ceth’s turn at senior cuts. Rikki tagged along too, just because Ceth kept saying he was going to come when she got her’s done. We had a good time, starting out at Blazer’s track, going down town to an alley and the train/bus station, then hitting up the school gym. Ceth is an athlete for sure. He runs and jumps for track, and plays basketball and golf. Anyways, here’s his sneak peek!

GUN001 - 016

GUN001 - 044

GUN001 - 083

Rikki – FHS Senior Rep

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I had a blast with Rikki today (yesterday?) taking her senior cuts. She was one of my colorguard girls when I still had time to work with them (before Allie). When I was first starting out she saw the pictures I took of Tiff and Aaron and said “OMG, you are so doing my senior cuts next year!” Her enthusiasm over my work made me think about how she could help get the word out. So here’s a sneak peek of what we got.

NEL001 - 047

NEL001 - 095b

NEL001 - 070

My first Senior!!!

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Yay, I finally got a Senior to sit still for me to take pics. He was exhausted though, as he’d been out since 6 am at Prom and After Prom the night before. We ran all around Louisa taking pictures, and hopefully I can get back up there on a pretty day so we can get some out by the lake. The full session can be seen on my Flickr, Facebook and Myspace.  Here are a few of my favorite shots!



Cold E-Session


Wow, January 3rd, outside, in the cold. But I had a blast with Courtney and Cecil celebrating their engagement. We spent 2 hours driving around town taking pictures, and probably would have kept going if we hadn’t lost daylight. I was a little disappointed that my favorite park was closed for the winter, but we made due with what we could find. The full session can be seen on Flickr, Facebook and Myspace, but here are some of my faves, from inside and out!