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I’m hoping to set up a booth at Septemberfest to sell some of the jewelry I’ve made. I’ve been pricing, inventorying, and working on displays recently. I’m still taking tons of pics of Austin and we’ve made two more trips to the park.

I’ve also digi scrapped a little bit recently. Scrapbook Flair has some fun challenges that gives me ideas for what to scrap. This one was for the rule of thirds challenge. I didn’t take the picture thinking of the rule of thirds, but had zoomed out enough that I could crop it to fit that rule of composition.

I also did a page of one of our engagement pictures for a word challenge. I really liked how it turned out.

Another recent photo I’ve taken is that of the FHS marching band. It took a while to get the new uniforms so we missed picture day. So on the day that uniforms were distributed, I climbed a ladder and took the picture. The band room was a mess so I removed it and put up a black background. We also had a few students missing, so I got their pictures from the same angle at a later day and photoshopped them into the group image. I just have one more person to get, but we have to get her a uniform, and the only ones left need mending. I can’t post the pic here because of the whole no parent permission thing, but I’m really proud of my work on it.

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