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4 years….. gone!

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It’s amazing what going from stay-at-home mom to working full time can do to artistic motivation.

I can’t say that. I know it’s my fault.


Anyway, here I am. Back at it… for my own enjoyment. I’ve always had an artistic outlet, and have really put it on the back burner for a while. Instead of trying to hold separate projects, photography vs. various other crafts, I’ve decided to pull everything together under one name, which my URL captures perfectly. Valarie with an “A”. That’s me, I’ll blame my individuality on my momma, starting with my less-than-common name spelling.


There will be some digital construction at first, so watch for that. And if you notice an absence, please call me out on it.


I hope to incorporate work from the kids as well, since they have developed awesome personalities and area really dying to be youtube stars. Trying to figure out how to make the name “Austin and Allie” work without getting sued by Disney. Is there any way they can owe us royalties since both of my kids are older than the show of the same name?


If you are still around and actually paying any attention to what I’ve got going on, THANK YOU!