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Amber – LCHS Senior

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Marcum Wedding

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My Girl

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Stephanie – Ashland Senior

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OhMyGosh! It was soooo cold when we ventured out to do this session in the snow. The high yesterday was 26 degrees, and my hands felt it for sure. Stephanie contacted me about doing her senior cuts and when I mentioned snow, she jumped at the idea. We met up and she brought along her friend Becca (who has now sat in on two sessions with me) and we all froze together. This first picture shows that we made the best of it though :)




Amber – FHS Senior

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I met Amber this afternoon down by the train station. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful, but chilly, day. As we started walking into the shade, it felt like the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Amber was brave though. We did lots of shots outside, with her wearing short sleeves. She’d put on her coat between shots and wear a hoodie in some of them, but I know she was still cold. We had a pretty good time walking around the new riverfront area, and then we headed to her church’s gym to set up the mini studio. She loved my new backdrop, and so did I! Ok, enough rambling, on to the sneak peek!