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I can’t pick one craft and stick with it. I want to try quilling, and I have a book and some strips of paper for that. I love klutz books even though they are aimed toward kids. I’m still making bows like a mad fool. And last night, I made paper. I dug out the blender, that I don’t think I’ve ever used, and made the pulp. Added a bit of a dark pinkish purple paper, and out came a pretty lighter pink paper. I used a plastic embroidery hoop for a frame and stretched an old knee high that had a run in it across it for a screen. So now I have these weird oval sheets of pink paper. I’m sure I’ll find something to do with them. Here’s some of the paper.

I’m also getting on a digital scrapbooking kick. OMG I have downloaded gigs of free papers, embellishments, and alphabets. I’m not that creative yet, but I’m working on it. Hopefully my monthly Austin collages will be more interesting now. Here’s my first stab at it, something I threw together quickly. It’s his May 2008 collage, though I should probably add the date in there somewhere. At least it’s in the file name so I can remember when all the pics were taken.

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