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I have been slacking big time on the crafty front. I had to put the dress on hold because I got all the pieces cut out, then stopped working on it a while and now I’m pregnant again :). So it won’t fit even if I do get it finished. Hopefully after this baby, I’ll get down to the same size I have the pattern cut for. I’ve done a little bit of bead work, but not much. If you look to the right of page, you can see my new flickr link. I signed up and have an account just for my crafts. Most of the things I’ve taken pics of have been made for a while, but I just wanted to document everything. Anyways, I hope I can start getting into more things. We will be moving soon and that will take a lot of time, but I’ll still have to fit my craftiness in somewhere. I also have a little girl on the way that should be a lot of fun to craft for :)

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